Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To do ...

To do ... on an educational standpoint:
- study spanish (and actually speak it to someone)
- take a silversmith class
- take classes to become a master gardener

To do ... when J wins a small lottery prize:
('cause if he wins a BIG prize you know my list would involve lakefront property in addition to these items)
- install upper cabinets in the new laundry room
- decide on garage door style for the barn -- it's been 5 years, for pete's sake
- build a deck off the living room so we have a place to relax and read in the sun

To do ... this spring:
(Shhhh! Don't tell J, since this involves muscle, not money -- and when I say "muscle" I don't mean my muscles)
- divide hosta and daylilies
- build new plant bed in the area facing the house
- dig out bed in front of the garage (too much mulch build-up)
- remove sand from walkout in backyard (again)
- install pavers at walkout to prevent the sand from flowing back
- liberate the raspberry bushes from the back yard to a sunny spot

To do ... this week:
- try to stop clenching my jaw all day at work
- let it all roll off my back
- submit my reciepts for flex-spending
- make an eye dr. appt.
- enjoy friends at lunch on Thursday and Friday

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