Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A buyer or a seller ... not

A buyer or a seller of bullshit I'm not.

And I don't want to be, really. I like being straight-forward. I like being transparent. And really, let's face it, I don't have much of an option anyway because with my ever-so-fair, freckled skin I'm lying "handicapped. I blush like no body's business. So it's just as well that I tell is like it is.


To the point. Frank. (Not to be confused with "To the point, Frank."). No bull for you, and no bull for me, and no explanations necessary.

Doesn't that sound simple? I think so. And I like it. Knowing where you stand is good, right? It eliminates a lot of maneuvering and politicking. I say what I mean and you say what you mean and we'll both know exactly where we stand. Until you change your mind. Me? Not so much. I pretty much know my mind, and I don't hesitate (much) to speak it.

Even when I don't know I'm saying what I mean I say it, apparently. (Not sure if I should be comma splicing there or not, so I hope you're reading the way I'm hearing it in my head.) Earlier today Lisa started laughing and asked me if I knew I was shaking my head in disgust as I sat at my desk. I had NO idea. No idea at all. But apparently,from the outside looking in, it was very apparent.

I was broadcasting that I'm not a buyer or a seller.

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