Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Exercise. I hate it. Well, that's a little harsh. I don't really hate it, I'd just rather do something fun (like read, or garden, or swim with the kids). In my book, exercise doesn't even rate on the 'fun' scale.

I mean really, who wants to go out on a run, or lift weights? Ick. Not me. To quote Hetty, "I'd sooner give a chainsaw to a spider monkey." (I just love NCIS LA; L.L. Cool Jay is such a hotty, even if it sounds like he says 'Ewic' instead of 'Eric'.)


But back to exercise -- I, like many of my friends (like most Americans), need to lose weight. And it's not going to happen without getting motivated to move my butt (and assorted other body parts) and sweat it out.

The trick is figuring out what to do?

I like bike riding, but I like to actually look around and see the sights that I'm passing by when I'm riding. "Did you see that cool garage door?" I'll say. Or "Wasn't that rock garden awesome?" Or "That dog scared the crap out of me!" Guess what response I usually get from everyone I'm riding with? "Huh?"

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Call me crazy, but I'm actually enjoying the ride rather than racing to the finish line -- and I'm the only one who's seeing what we're passing by. Why the big hurry? Oh, yeah, so your heart rate goes up and you're actually "exercising." Huh. That's right, it's not about having fun -- it's about exercise.

How about the treadmill? Boring as heck, but it's convenient. Or it would be, if I had one in my basement. But I don't. I have to go to the gym to use one. And who wants to parade their fat butt around in spandex pants in a location that you might be seen by other peeps? Oh doggy, NOT me. (Even if I could fit said body part in spandex that I currently own, not).

So then the dilemma is how to lose enough weight that it becomes acceptable to go to the gym to lose even more weight? It's a crazy, crazy cycle. Maybe we'll get a tax refund and we can set it aside for a treadmill. Or maybe I should just get up early and take the dog for a walk. Or maybe I should get up early and go to the gym then.

Nah. I'm tired even thinking about it.

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