Thursday, March 25, 2010

I call a do-over

I've got a friend who is remodeling her bathroom, and I've got bathroom envy. Or is it re-do envy? I want to redo my bathroom too. All of it -- from floor to ceiling. I figure it's been 13+ years, so it's time. Don't you think?

It would be great to do an addition -- and expand the whole thing. But that's not very realistic at this point, especially since we don't have any money set aside for that kind of thing. Maybe dreaming smaller is the key here. Baby steps.

So if I were thinking of just doing bite-size changes I can see stuff more along these lines:

New flooring like this maybe?

I love the pattern. And the colors, oh my goodness the colors. Love them! And they'd show way less pet hair than the white tile we currently have -- that's definitely a bonus. I know I wouldn't tire of this because we have an Indian slate back splash in the kitchen, which is similar in color. And, of course, if we're adding new tile then we'd have to put in radiant floor heating before installing the new tile. What a lovely thing that would be on cold winter mornings.
A new vanity like this?

I love the style, and I love that it would make the bathroom seem roomier because it's open instead of enclosed. But I worry about having enough storage for stuff you don't necessarily want people to see if they happen to use that bathroom. And, you know, a certain amount of "stuff" is essential in a bathroom. Would I find it irritating to have that stuff in a cute box on the shelf? Hmmm. I don't know, but I think I might. I wonder if I could have Rico build a cabinet that matches the vanity and I could hide stuff in that. Sounds like a workable plan.

A new mirror?

This would be nice -- a mirror and storage all in one (that way Rico doesn't have to build anything). I like that it's recessed into the wall, because that helps make the space seem larger too. Do you get the impression that our master bath is small? It is. Tiny. Tiny. Tiny. We were on a serious budget when we built, so there was no spa-tub or spaciousness involved in the master bath. So, yeah, I like this mirror, but holy moly I think I'd have a heart attack if I spent $1000 on a medicine cabinet. Maybe I can take an adult ed metal-crafting class somewhere and make it myself. That'll be easy, right?

A new color palette?
Maybe a purple-ish warm gray? Or a tan? Or a green?

Insightful Rose , OR

Nomadic Desert OR

Ah, a girl can dream.
It's really a shame that I don't have a spare $3,000 sitting around, because if I did I'd hop right on this bathroom redo plan!

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