Saturday, August 14, 2010

10 Things I Loved About Vacation

In no particular order:

-enjoying the lovely, warm Lake Michigan water and playing in the big waves with the kids

- reading on the beach under my umbrella

- falling asleep to the crashing of the waves hitting the sand

- walking only 30 steps to the beach (and having only a handful of those steps involve climbing stairs)

- playing Frisbee with the dog at the waters edge -- she totally loved it, and romped like a puppy

- afternoon naps (or hiding in the shaded camper reading and enjoying the view of the sunlight hitting the waves or the beach grass as it was blowing in the wind)

- playing double solitaire and listening to the boy's music (and singing) and seeing some killer dance moves

- walking the sandbar to the far end of the beach with the girl, spinning stories about who was doing what in the beach houses we wished were ours

- going to the soda fountain for a chocolate malted or a raspberry sorbet (and plain vanilla for the dog)

- putting together really tough puzzles, and fighting about who gets to do the edges

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