Friday, August 13, 2010

Back from two weeks at the beach

Lovely. Really.

Nothing beats two weeks relaxing on the beach at Lake Michigan. Great weather. Warm water (mostly), which was a huge improvement over last year's frigid water week. Lake Michigan was seriously cold last year the week we were there-- we could barely stand to put a toe in the water last year it was that cold. Thank goodness there were no HUGE storms that turned the whole lake over just before our vacation this year.

It was perfect for reading on the beach, swimming, feasting with family, and doing a little bit of exploring of the local scenery. How many families make multiple visits to a soda fountain that's been around since the 1880's? Ours. :) Yummy!

More later. Tired, tired, tired. And lots of laundry to do.

Thank goodness Rico and I agree that we can wait until tomorrow to unload the camper -- even it it means we have no pillows to sleep with tonight -- because, of course, they're in the camper. We'll have sweet dreams of our vacation at Karamu anyway, pillows or not.


I'm so thankful we had another opportunity to spend time at Diane's haven on the lake in Montague. I love Lake Michigan.

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