Friday, January 28, 2011


Rico is walking down the strip looking for the perfect spot to place a few bets at the roulette table. I'm shoveling snow. What's wrong with this picture?

Nothing! I hate Vegas. Well, that's not strictly true. I like people watching in Vegas (omg are there some freaky-deaky peeps), and I like browsing at the shops (even though it's all to chi-chi for me), and I like the warm weather (in theory it's warm there, not so much this week). But really I could take it or leave it. Vegas that is. I'd almost always take warm weather over cold!

He's been there for a few days helping a friend do some work at the hospital, and I've been enjoying my solitude (sorry Hon, no offense).

The dog has not been enjoying his absence... she's had an accident two days in a row. Apparently she's so used to Rico being home with her that she can't "hold it" until I get home from work. Ick. Ironically Rico is the one who is normally responsible for cleaning up such accidents so I'm stuck with it.

Gag reflex here we come.

So I'm cleaning up doggy messes. Doing laundry. Doing my own dishes (gasp). Vacuuming. Meh.

But I'm also LOUNGING in bed, reading, and playing on the computer, watching HGTV, eating chocolates. YEAH!

So it's a house full of girls right now -- NO boys allowed -- and we get to do whatever we want AND have control of the remote! Woop! Woop!