Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Summer" has finally hit West Michigan

I enjoyed my nephews baseball game on Saturday without wearing a coat or a sweatshirt -- needed sunscreen and a shade umbrella instead.

Sunday night
dinners by my sister's pool have begun.

Butch's Beach Burrito in Grand Haven is open.

Graduation Open Houses and weddings have hit the pages of my calendar.

Relaxing afternoon's spent reading by the poolside and watching the kids enjoy the water is on the agenda (preferably sitting in the hammock chair while I watch).

The bottles of mosquito spray and sunscreen are easy at hand near the back door (and since the blood-suckers are so terrible this year we really need it).

Rico made his first purchase of a sunburn relief treatment this year (he and his brother need to switch sides of the field when coaching a 3 hour baseball game on a super hot, sunny day -- coaching first base the whole time means he had a pretty funny tan line).

Ahh, summer. Whatever the calendar says, I say Summer is here!

P.S. Please send good vibes to my sister's dog, Abby. Her nose started bleeding this morning and they found out her cancer is out of remission. She's at MSU getting a mega dose of chemo tonight. Love her.