Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Puppy love

She was born on Valentine's Day in 2009 so she's 2 1/2 -- but she acts like a puppy.

She was at a rural animal control for longer than they normally keep dogs (even though they're over-crowded) because she had such a sweet disposition that they wanted her to find a home. We're so lucky to have found her.

On the ride home she had her head over the seat on my shoulder(when she wasn't lying down or sniffing out the back window).

She's really sweet. Really sweet. A she has a a bit of a crinkly nose like a shar pei. She has much less color on her face than Killer did. Only very subtle copper color on her eyebrows.

In the few minutes we were home I noticed that she slides the rugs across the room with her big feet. :) Maybe they didn't have rugs where she came from.

Rico took her to the vet to be checked out, and after they got home he took her to play with the big kids and Abs. She and Abby did well together, but they didn't let her run loose with Abby yet because Abs is nervous after having gotten bitten by other dogs twice last year when they've been on walks.

Rico said Karley followed him around all day and wouldn't leave his side. Any time he moved she was up and following.

The whole family trickled over Wednesday night after Max's first freshman football game (they won, and he played well). Karley did great in her crate -- she wasn't even up and pawing at the gate to get out when I came in the house. So different from Killer who thought we were torturing her when we tried crate training her.

Nate's been keeping Karley entertained by playing catch, which she loves. It's cool that she likes to play. She's chewed up two wimpy toys already (Killer never played with them because she didn't like toys much, so they never got used).

Nate slept on the floor at our house with her to help her through her first night in her new home. He said she gave him kisses all night long.

She's actually smaller than Killer was (Killer-baby was both long and tall for a female Rottie) -- she looks practically petite (plus she's about ten pounds underweight from shelter-stress.

Karley's got a funny gait so she looks very puppy-ish even though she's a toddler. Our vet said it looks like she may have had a broken leg or torn ligament that nobody fixed -- so when she walks or runs her left front leg wings out and it makes it look like her legs are going all over the place. It's that puppy lack-of-coordination-look. But it doesn't cause her any pain -- I asked if the vet manipulated it to be sure and Jason said she had.

All the kids were with me in our room and Jimmy looks at Karley and I -- she was sprawled all across my lap like she's a lap dog -- and he says: "Killer's dead, you know. But now we have Karley. But we still love Killer too."

OMG. He's only 4. Precious.

There's dog hair joining the cat hair all over the house, and I'm happier for it! (That's sick, right?)

It's a girl!

Introducing: Karley
(Previously named Kitty -- I don't think so!
Karley is started with a "K" in memory of our baby-dog, Killer)

Born: Feb. 14, 2009

Hair: Black w/just a touch of copper

Adopted August 24, 2011
from a rural animal control office a couple of counties away --
after much searching on Rottweiler rescue sites for
a Rottie girl who needed a helping hand and a family to love her.

Rico and I are thrilled.
The cats? No so much. ;)