Thursday, July 8, 2010

No excuses

I have no excuse, but let's face it, I fell off the blogging wagon. (And I'm pretty sure that sentence involved inappropriate comma-splicing, but I don't care). I just haven't been able to muster up any enthusiasm for booting up the computer once I get home from work... since April. Oy. April, really?

I doesn't seems like it's been that long. Just the other day Rico said "I'm not going to follow this blog anymore because they never post." Guess whose blog he was checking? Mine. Oops.

Aside from not wanting to spend time on the computer after a day of work spent computing, I just haven't been feeling "on" -- which is frequently a problem for me. I've been wanting to just veg more than ever lately. Motivational issues, I guess. I have the same problem with exercise. Ha ha. I just don't wanna.

I wish I could want to do more. How's that for motivational?

Really, it's time to start making some changes. What to change? I'll make a list. I'll start working on it as soon as House Hunters is done. Really.


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