About Me

I'm a midwestern girl married to her high-school sweetheart. Happily livin' in the woods by a big green barn with two cats and a sweet Rottie. I am a graphic artist by trade, but I used to enjoy writing, so I'm going to give it a whirl again. Lurking is one of my guilty pleasures, so a blog seemed like a great place to get back into the swing of things.

I like things to be clean, but I'm not always in the mood to make that happen. More often than not I'd like someone else to put away whatever I carry into the house from my car -- but, sadly, that rarely happens. This is why our dining room table can be found covered in papers and bags and stuff. Luckily my husband doesn't notice, or if he does he doesn't care, and my cats will happily walk around any and all of it to find a sunny spot to lounge in.

I want to learn to sew -- I even bought a little "starter" machine one day at a sale -- but I've never gotten it out of the box.

I want to learn to speak spanish (I can get the gist of most conversations if people are speaking at a reasonable speed), I just don't really want to speak it because I know I'll say something goofy unintentionally. I got some computer software called "Tell Me More" on ebay to help me but I haven't been able to figure out the program. Anyone who has used "Tell Me More" please tell me more about how to use it.  :)  My husband finds great humor in listening to me try to work through it. I think the headset with the microphone is especially nice.

I love decorating and have been tearing pages out of home d├ęcor magazines since I was in college. Doesn't everyone have a 3" binder full of torn magazine pages in their closet? Each page slid into a plastic page protector. No? Really? Well I have. For years and years (and years.). In fact I have a folder of pages in my cubicle at work for when I just can't resist an image.

I also love finding a bargan. Or hunting down a bargain. And the great part is that my husband is happy to help. You gotta love that.

Blue skies!