Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Twenty-six years

True. Twenty-six years of friendship this year.

Twenty-six years. Really. Can you believe it? No, well get this ...

Ten years of marriage on Sunday. WOW! Happy Anniversary to Rico and I.

We spent our anniversary the same way we spent our honeymoon ... at a co-ed softball tournament. And just like our honeymoon his team won the championship (right? geeze, I don't know, it was 10 years ago for pete's sake!).
Way to go team Victory Club -- and way to go Drew's Crew, too. (Here they are raising a glass to Andrew "Drew" Benedict, #6, whose memory the tourney honors.)

Way to go to Rico and I. To my bestest. To my always. Love.

P.S. Thanks to Ray and Rhonda Benedict (and friends/family) for putting together such a great tournament: The Andrew Benedict Memorial Co-ed Softball Tournament. REMEMBER: Give life: please sign up for the Michigan Donor Registry.