Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ladies Night Out

My "Ladies That Lunch" group got together for margaritas and great food at La Cantina last night for dinner -- at least those of us who didn't have ...
- book club to attend, or
- have to work designing book covers, or
- have to teach a class on resume-writing together. You know, those of us with nothing better to do, right?

It had been too, too long since we'd gotten together, and picking a date that worked for everyone seemed like an impossible task (we are busy women after all -- we've got lives and all to attend to) so I picked a date and a locale and I send out the email: Meet me for dinner! And lo-and-behold three of my gals showed up!

Good foods, good friends, good belly laughs (the manager, Linda, is a trip) -- and it was all kicked off by Lynne sitting on a tack. Really. A big ol' 1" diameter tack with a hammered head that, once upon a time, was the piece-de-resistance that topped the leather webbed chairs we sat in.

What are the chances that it'd be sticking up on a chair waiting for someone to sit down? But the better question is: What's a small puncture would between friends? Once she handed over the evidence to Linda and straightened out her fresh-water pearl necklace (from the museum in Seattle no less) Lynne was all set for a good time. Truthfully I'm sure the two free beverages helped too (thanks to Linda). I think for a free margarita we all would have sat on a tack. :)

So all in all it was worth that small sting from planting your bum on a tack, right Lynne?

I love my ladies! I'm looking forward to next time.
And the rest of you slackers? Be there!

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