Saturday, January 23, 2010

Relax and get better

As we were leaving work yesterday one of my coworkers said "Rest and get better this weekend... or I'll bring my shopvac in on Monday to clean the snot out."

Or something of that nature. I can't recall if he said "snot" for sure, but you get the gist of it. I think the week-of-sniffling that I just experienced was getting to him too. And here I thought I was sitting in my cube suffering in relative silence (apparently not!). A week with a cold, two different daytime cold meds that didn't really work, and my bum in a chair in a tan cube. Sounds great, doesn't it? I started looking forward to the weekend on Tuesday morning -- so I'm thrilled the weekend has finally arrived.

Thank goodness the plan to relax this weekend is coming together. The whole fam went to Nate's b-ball game this morning where he continued to be a scoring machine. His dad says he's never met a shot he doesn't like -- which is great -- and he practices shooting hoops so much that most of them go in. Yeah Nate!

A couple of quick stops later and then we're at the bookstore to browse. Been sitting here in their cafe ever since. And as I look around I realize that it's a kleenex-free zone, which means I'm finally on the mend. Woo-hoo!

Love it. Vegging, reading, sipping Diet Coke, people watching, looking through magazines, listening to our iPods, and playing on the computer (which seems to work better here than at home, so maybe Jay's right about not getting a great signal at home, which would be a bummer!). Veg-o-matic. Relaxing, relaxing, relaxing. I just realized I'm breathing through my nose -- both nostrils. Wow! Stick a fork in me... I'm done!

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