Thursday, March 24, 2011

The case of the missing scones

Killer is doing ok. She's starting to breathe a little heavy again, but she's not in pain and seems like her normal self.

And yes, she's getting spoiled. She enjoyed toffee-chip scones yesterday... twice.

I should clarify it's not because I gave them to her as a treat (but you know I don't mind). I left the package on my night stand and forgot to take it to the kitchen yesterday morning. Apparently they sounded good to her because when Rico came home at lunch she'd taken the package to her bed, opened the plastic top, and eaten a few of them.

Rico (the silly guy) put the package back on the night stand, and by the time I came home after work she'd gotten them back down and finished the package. Yummy!

I'm glad she enjoyed them!