Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The terrible horrible no good very bad day

We love our dogs because they teach us to live in the moment, and they make that moment happy. Unless they are cowering in thunderstorms.

Words of wisdom from my friend, Paula. I'm struggling today because it's been a terrible horrible no good very bad day
... we received the sad news that our big old puppy dog has cancer.

She started breathing really heavy last week when I was home with the flu. Rico took her in on Friday and the xrays showed... well, nothing. All they really showed was that her lungs were full of fluid. So much fluid that they couldn't tell anything else. That's not good.

We saw a specialist yesterday afternoon
and they withdrew 2L of fluid from her chest. Yes, 2L -- the size of the Diet Coke bottle in my fridge.

he lab results came in this afternoon: It's an aggressive blood or bone cancer and there's nothing we can do for her except make her comfortable.

My heart hurts.

This is what she's doing now -- but on the carpet instead of the sand on the shore of Lake Michigan. She's napping and chasing after something in her dreams. Sweet dreams, baby dog.