Thursday, March 31, 2011

Party for the baby boy (and his mom)

We had a baby shower a couple of weeks ago to prepare for the newest addition to the family. Well, he'll be the newest once he finally decides to show up. Baby Boy doesn't seem to be in any hurry to meet us even though he's dropped into place and, according to the doc, his momma could have delivered any time in the last week weeks. I don't know why, we're all quite friendly!

Perhaps he's waiting for the weather to warm up. Perhaps someone should clue him in that:
- we live in the mitten state
- it's only the end of March
- it still could SNOW
- really

Michigan is notoriously unpredictable when it comes to weather. A couple of weeks ago we had a couple of days of 68 degree weather, and then it snowed. And it's been cold ever since.

Anyway... back to the shower.

I hosted it and Rico totally kicked butt getting the house whipped into shape and prepping the food. That's definitely one perk of having a house husband (ha ha, I know he'll read this). I put up the decorations... well, maybe that's all I did. (Just kidding.)

Charlotte made an awesome Noah's Arc themed cake with a cupcake rainbow. So, so cool. The colors were much prettier in real life -- the lighting wasn't great, and I'm not a pro at color adjustment in Photoshop... so there you have it.

Baby Boy got lots of great things -- including some great mitten state stuff: his first Detroit Tigers logo wear and his first Michigan State University outfit. Woop-woop!

So, Baby Boy, anytime. We're waiting to meet you!BTW, I'd call him something other than baby boy, but his momma decided what his name will be is up in the air. She was going to name him Justin (I think after Justin Bieber) but then someone mentioned that when she takes him home to visit his abuela in Nicaragua they'll all call him "yust-in". And that's not what she had in mind. :)