Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beach House Dreamin'

I've got dreams for a beach house in La Boquita, Nicaragua. It's pretty much a pipe dream, but it's a dream nonetheless. Today when I looked at a blog I read (sorry, I can't remember whose it was) I saw a pic that made me start thinking about that beach house again. There was a pic from a publication called Nuevo Estilo that really struck a chord with me. I can see some lovely, relaxing vacations at this place... my dream beach house.

Perhaps it could look like this from the in-land side:

Although it likely wouldn't have grass -- the dry season would fry it to a crisp so that wouldn't really work. But some nice foliage and pavers that would lead me to the pool would work. The other side of the house -- the ocean view side -- would definitely have to have a balcony on the second level with a deep overhang so I can comfortably lounge in the shade in my hammock -- I'm not sure what that would look like yet, but I'm sure I'll find inspiration for it somewhere.

I know we'd need a simple kitchen -- simple to construct and simple to use -- because who wants to be stuck in the kitchen when you're on vacation? Not me. So something like this would be nice, and could be made from cement by local contractors:

Simple and made of cement forms that will be economical to make and durable. And is that a disco ball above the island? You know we need one of those for all the dance parties we'll be having! My sister-in-law's relatives really know how to cut a rug, so we almost always end our get-together with dancing.

I envision a sleeping loft upstairs, one on each side -- maybe like this one:

One thing... it would need to have beds in it -- not just rugs. I'm kinda crazy like that. I'm not so good at sleeping on the floor. I get cranky. And nobody wants me cranky. Really. But other than that I like the feel of this loft -- simple design and basic finishes. And piles of books. Yup. I like it.

Ahhhh, dreamin' of sunshine and relaxation.