Monday, April 4, 2011

The sewing machine scares me

I go to the fabric store and look, and look. But I never buy anything because I'm pretty much paralyzed with fear. I haven't sewn with a sewing machine since middle school home economics. What in the world makes me think I can sew something?

Huh? I could do it when I was 12, why not now? Because now I have to buy the fabric that I'm screwing up. Ha ha. It was all well and good when my parents were footing the bill, but now that I've got to pony up for fabric I back away in fear. Silly. Really.

I've got to get the sewing machine I bought two years ago out of the box. Brave, brave thoughts.

Today when I was surfing I came across this on Bryn Dunns site -- a fabric giveaway:

Ok, I'm drooling. This would be SO fun to play with. Waverly fabrics are awesome.

Pick me oh great random generator program. Please pick me!