Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yesterday and today

On any given day this is what my dog is doing when we're at work. Doesn't she look comfy?

Yesterday my baby dog had another 1L+ of fluid removed from her chest. Go here to find out the back-story if you're interested.

Today I'm looking at a groggy doggy who has some lovely patches of shaved skin on each side of her body. A doggy who has some unidentified yellow substance dying the skin of said shaved spots. Ick. Really? What the heck is that? Couldn't they clean that off? I guess that's what the parent's are supposed to do, eh? I'll get right on that. (Or I'll ask Rico if he'd mind taking care of that.)

Every day she's here is a gift. And this past month has taught me to really appreciate it. Even when she's stinking up the room with her smelly, smelly gas. (OMG who would think a dog could be so gassy). Love, love, love my dog.