Monday, April 18, 2011


"You have white and fluffy skin." (This has nothing to do with the gratuitous photo of baby Jack -- I just couldn't resist his sleeping baby cuteness.)

WTF? Seriously? What the heck does "You have white and fluffy skin" mean?

I think I snorted as I laughed. I just didn't know how to respond. Fluffy? White? I'm a freckle-faced wrinkled mess of dry-from-the-harsh-winter-skin. How does that equal white? And WTF is fluffy when applied to skin?

I won't say who came up with that awesome compliment tonight as we were watching TV... He knows who he is. And he's not even on migraine meds and he's speaking crazy crap like that. But he was serious. Oh my.

I'm going to say it was a compliment, okay? And he's not the only one with issues tonight.

I lost a day this weekend. I don't remember anything that we did on Saturday. I've been thinking about it since earlier today, and I seriously can't remember what I did. I'm pretty sure it doesn't have anything to do with being white or fluffy... just aging and tired... and a bit stressed. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I do remember Sunday. Breakfast out -- where I scored the Triple Bacon Sampler (yes, it's true, I did). After which we went to Goodwill where I scored two quilts: one really cute Pottery Barn one for camping/beach going and one in basic red for the oldest nephew who has grown too tall for a "throw" to keep him warm while watching TV. His poor tootsies get cold now because his feet stick out (that's what you get for getting taller than your aunt!). Following the trek to Goodwill we stopped at Target, then had coffee and a no bake cookie at the local bookstore, and then picked up the my baby-dog from home for a thrilling trip to the laundromat to wash the "new" quilts post haste.

And then we had just enough time for a mini snooze before we went to my brothers for a family dinner. We even made baby Jack get up to socialize with the fam. You have to get him up -- he's 3 weeks old and he just sleeps all the time. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Silly baby. Suffice it to say, WE WOKE HIM UP.

Here's Jr. saying "Queso!" (that Spanish for "Cheese!") with his newest cousin, Jack:

And here's Jackie Moon saying"Queso!" too...
Hee hee.