Saturday, April 2, 2011

He's here!

The precious little peanut was born early this morning.

Look at all the hair on that boy! Wow.

Here's Rico holding him (obviously I wasn't referring to him when I said "look at all the hair on that boy." Ha ha) . Look how small he is compared to Rico's hand. Little, little.
The size 1 diapers at the hospital are HUGE on him. He's a tiny, tiny boy.

Did I mention the hair? LOL.

So happy for Ber.
So happy that Mom and baby are doing well.
So happy that we have another baby to spoil. :)

P.S. I so wish I'd had the camera in my hands when Rico and Claudia were trying to get the chair in Berlinda's room to turn from a bed back into a chair. Hysterical! And they never did get it to transform. Alas, I was holding the baby so I didn't have a hand free to capture the moment.