Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gotta get ready for spring

The forecast says we'll be getting some spring-like weather here in West Michigan this weekend (even if it's supposed to be a little soggy we'll happily take it). So it's time to get geared up for Spring.

I'm loving a lot of things in blogland and getting some great ideas:

Look at how a bunch of forsythia cuttings brightens up a room. Gorgeous. I wonder how long it'll be before my mom's forsythia bloom? I might have to sneak over there and trim a few branches to bring some sunshine in a vase to our house. Go to Isabella and Max to see more of this gorgeous room.

I love this egg wreath and grass. The grass is real, not fake like the Pottery Barn grass I have from many years ago. I went with fake grass because my cats tend to nibble on all live plants in our house. But Melissa went with wheat grass. Real grass. You know, the kind that grows. Wow, what a concept. I even have some cute little tins like these that I could use. (Having a cat try to walk across my keyboard just now reminds me to look up if wheat grass is cat-compatible first).

What a cute idea this is. I've been thinking I need to investigate metal stamping, and at first I thought that's what this was. But it's not. It's craft foam! Go to Andrea's blog to hear how she did it. So cool.

How about citrus, botanical prints and birds? I love this spring mantle from 33 Shades of Green. The call of the birds is one of the first sounds of spring in Michigan --well before the weather warms and the snow melts -- so this resonates for me.

Amanda from Our Humble Abowed posted these great downloadables on her site -- don't these just say spring to you? They're both so cute. I've just got to figure out where I want to put them. I'm a mini-prep from way back (that's what my nickname was in middle school) so the preppy pink and green prints are right up my alley.

So, warm weather this weekend and these lovely pics for inspiration? I'm ready for spring!