Friday, March 19, 2010

I did some grocery shopping (gasp!)

Normally we go to the grocery mega-store, known in these parts as Meijer, and I putz around looking at everything but the grocery section (yes, I even travel through hardware and automotive for fun) -- and Jason does the grocery section all by his lonesome (yeah for Jason).

But not this week! No-ooooooooo. I braved the store all by myself, and I done good.

I filled the whole cart at Meijer all by myself...

with this:

(which is ever, ever, so good! Hot and spicy, just like the box says.)

and this:

(I gotta have it)

and this:

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Do I ROCK, or what? We are living high on the hog, baby!

P.S. We won't mention the chocolate Meijer poptarts or the two chocolate donuts from the bakery case, ok? Shhhhh.

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