Monday, March 22, 2010


Patience is a virtue, right? I've had lots and lots of it in the past (the last 3 years I've had tons and tons in some aspects of my life), but lately patience is in short supply.

Short, short supply.

This makes me wonder how I can build that reservoir back up? Or worse yet, can I? Or is my patience depleted until some of the issues I've lost patience with have been resolved? Ohhhhhhhh, that would be bad, because I don't see any of them getting resolved any time soon. Oy.

I'm dreaming about Isabella (can anyone say unresolved issues?)
Work continues to be a daily struggle.
He's unemployed and is considering going back to school (and how do we pay for that?).
The economy is so tough that jobs are tough, tough, tough to come by.

And to top it all off I'm just so flipping tired of it all. Can someone else be the grownup for a while? I need a break.

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