Friday, March 5, 2010


Friday. Last day of the work week. Sun SHINING on the way in to work at 7:45. WOW! Really, wow! This is Michigan after all -- the land of the lake-effect gray sky -- and it seems like we don't see the sun from December to May (an, exaggeration, yes, but it really seems like it's the straight-up truth).


We need to feel the heat of the sun on our faces even if the air is brisk. We need to close our eyes and look up and see the spots of color on the inside of our eyelids. We need to feel, if just for a minute, that Spring has sprung and that snowstorms and perpetually gray skies are a thing of the past. Adios winter -- don't darken our door again. We're done with you!

Oh, if only it were true. Michigan winters are sneaky things. But, believe me, I've got my fingers crossed.

Goals for the weekend: enjoy the sun. relax (and for pete's sake, stop clenching your jaw). play some party games and enjoy punch and pizza.

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